Vaneet Bhatia

Dr. Vaneet Bhatia

Assistant Professor and Assistant Dean (Outreach)

M.B.A. (Banking & Insurance) (Panjab University); FPM (IIM Raipur)

Vaneet Bhatia is a Fellow of Indian Institute of Management Raipur in the area of Finance and Accounting. Prior to joining the Fellow programme at IIM Raipur he has worked as Probationary officer in Vijaya Bank. He is an MBA in Banking and Insurance from Panjab University. His other qualifications include UGC-JRF in Management, SAS Base certification and Junior Associate Indian Institute of Banking (JAIIB).

Currently he is pursuing actuarial sciences from Institute of Actuaries of India. He has published research papers in peer reviewed national and international journals. His research and teaching interests include: Dynamics among Financial Markets; Corporate Capital Structure Decisions; and Bank Efficiency & Productivity.

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Probationary Officer, Vijaya Bank, 2 years