Student Voices

One would say that joining a batch in a course which just started is like experimenting with your life – taking a risk, the results of which are not guaranteed. But after taking admission in O.P. Jindal Global University for B. Com (Hons.), I can say that this was the best decision I could make for my undergraduate. The world-class facilities with highly accomplished faculty really help you in extending your horizons. The faculty go overboard to help each student individually and become that person in the future they pictured themselves to be. I not only received world class education but also got great exposure through various co-curricular activities. I am sure I will be able to bring out the best out of me at this University
Amya Gupta
JGU is everything one expects from a college - supportive seniors, highly educated and helpful faculty, and quality education. The infrastructure of the University speaks for itself. There is so much that one can achieve when studying at O.P. Jindal University than just a certificate. The liberal campus helped me in grooming my personality the way I wanted. The professors here are not just our teachers but also our mentors. They have not only helped me in gaining knowledge but have also helped me in learning other important skills such as time management and responsibility. The University provides every opportunity possible to help us strengthen our future and career. Lastly, the fests of this college are something every student eagerly waits for.
Anuradha Khatiyan
Experience at JSBF has been filled with new experiences, excitements and challenges, and I loved every second. The best thing about JSBF is the opportunities you have – everything you can think of exploring in a University is available here. I thought coming from the Southern part of India will be a hurdle for me to cope with the other students, but I was proved wrong. My first semester in this University greatly exceeded my expectations
Likhitha Eradala
This course in its entirety has been very fruitful in not just expanding my theoretical knowledge but also gave me a holistic sense of practically analyzing problems and evaluating from a more pragmatic platform. The experience in the class has been very interactive with the students being encouraged to put forth their views. The professors too are very helpful who go out of their way to help and assist the students.
Mugdha Goel
Being a part of the JSBF family has been a really great experience and has helped me to shape myself in many different ways. Coming into college is itself is a very overwhelming experience to begin with, but the faculty was there to help and guide us on each and every step of the process. They have not only helped us to grow academically but they have also helped us to become a better version of ourselves. I feel lucky to have such professors who help you to develop in holistic manner
Rananjay Gahlot
If you are a bookworm, this is the place for you. A guy like me who was not into studies, has turned into a nerd, not because I want to get a degree from OPJGU, but because there is an urge to learn from within. The practical approach this University adopts is way different than any other institutions in the country. Unlike the school days, if I have doubts, then I do not hesitate to ask the professors. Faculty is very friendly and helpful. Apart from studies, this University offers a lot of activities but the one that interests me is basketball and I play ball every day. Being a residential University, it has made me more independent. The best part is making friends from all parts of the country. My roommate who happens to be the JSBF president is from Dubai. All this facilitates internal growth as an individual. Lastly, it was full of hard work with sleepless nights.
Sarthak Ajena
My first semester at JSBF has been a great experience for me. The majority of JSBF faculty are great while the lectures are interactive as well as informative. As far as course and curriculum for B. Com (Hons.), it is one of the reasons that I joined JGU besides the great infrastructure of the University. After the first semester, I believe I made the right choice of joining JSBF.
Yash Gupta