Prof. Soumyadip Roy

Prof. (Dr.) Soumyadip Roy​

Assistant Professor and Assistant Dean (International Strategy)

B.A. (Economics) (Jadavpur University);
M.A. (Economics) (Jawaharlal Nehru University);
Ph.D. (Iowa State University)

Prof. (Dr.) Soumyadip Roy is an economist whose work is primarily in the area of Applied Microeconomic Theory. His PhD dissertation, titled “Optimal costs, efforts and rewards”, was guided by Prof Giancarlo Moschini and Prof Peter Orazem at Iowa State University. His current research focuses on the effect of minimum wage increases on employment, average earnings and the wage bill in the retail trade sector in USA. He is also working on how health relates to types of leisure and time allocation.


Soumyadip has 5 years of experience working in the banking and finance industry, in the area of Risk Management. Before joining JGU, he worked as Vice President, Fraud Risk for Citibank in Wilmington, Delaware, USA. In this role he worked in the Fraud Analytics team on creating strategies aimed at preventing Identity Theft Fraud for the Citi branded cards portfolio. Before this, he worked as Senior Associate for Discover Financial Services in Phoenix, Arizona, USA. This role involved creating real-time authorization-level strategies aimed at preventing counterfeit and lost/stolen fraud for Discover credit cards. Before his PhD, he also worked for Genpact in Bangalore, India on Model Validation and Calibration for GE Capital under Basel II regulatory requirements.

Area of Expertise

  • Labor Economics, Development Economics

Working Papers

  • “Minimum Wages and the US Retail Labor Market” with Peter Orazem
  • “Active and Passive Leisure, Health and Wages” with Peter Orazem
  • “Paid and Unpaid work by Immigrants in the USA” with Ruchira Sen


  • Adoption of Global Best Practices fr Milk Cooperatives in Haryana” with Amlan Das Gupta and Ram Ramachandran
  • Invited speaker at the XXIXth annual general conference on “Contemporary Issues in Development Economics” on Dec 17, 2019 in Jadavpur University, Kolkata
  • Jindal Global Law School: Economics I (Fall 2019)
  • Jindal School of Banking & Finance: Corporate Governance in Financial Institutions (Spring 2020); Macroeconomics and the Indian Economy (Spring 2020)