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Ramachandran R., B

Blockchain In Education: Adoption of Technology in Education. Retrieved from Journal Article


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Bharadwaj, A

Interim Injunction in Standard Essential Patents in India. Journal of Intellectual Property Law & Practice, 11(12). Journal Article


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Tiwari S., Sen S; Shaik, R

Internationalization: A study of small firms from emerging markets. The Journal of Developing Areas, 50(6), 355-364. Journal Article


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Vlosky R., Shupe Mishra T A (Ed.)

An Exploratory Analysis of the Market Perspective on Reclaiming Chromated Copper Arsenate (CCA) from Decommissioned Preservative-Treated Wood Utility Poles. Natural Resources. 07. 544-557. 10.4236/nr.2016.710046 Journal Article


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Sinha A., ; Sen, S (Ed.)

Atmospheric consequences of trade and human development: A case of BRIC countries. Atmospheric Pollution Research, 7(6), 980-989. Journal Article


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Bharadwaj, Ashish

Technological and socio-economic issues in the global automobile industry Journal Article

Transportation in Developing Economies, 1 (1), pp. 33-39, 2015.

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Bharadwaj, Ashish

Is poverty the mother of crime? Impact of socio economic factors on property crime in India Journal Article

Revista Atlántica de Economía, 1 , pp. 1-40, 2014.

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Bharadwaj, Ashish

Reviving the Globalization and Poverty Debate: Effects of Real and Financial Integration on the Developing World Journal Article

Advances in Economics and Business, 2 (1), pp. 42-57, 2014.

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