Dean's Message

Dr.Ashish Bharadwaj
Dr. Ashish Bharadwaj
Acting Dean, Jindal School of Banking and Finance (JSBF)

Welcome to the Jindal School of Banking and Finance (JSBF), an emerging centre for learning, academic scholarship and practitioner excellence in areas of banking and finance at the Jindal Global University (JGU).

JSBF fosters a strong research culture and seek to leverage the university’s internationally renowned faculty and study programmes with innovative curriculum.

We are committed to foster a strong culture of collaboration (one of the strongest attributes of JGU recognised in latest QS world university ranking) with academic institutions of global standing, banks and financial institutions in India and around the world. Our students will have the opportunity to engage with leading scholars, practitioners and policy makers in India, Asia Pacific and around the world.

Our faculty, as experienced lecturers, have come from a number of respected academic institutions and professional organisations and their teaching pedagogy and research endeavours are underpinned by a strong commitment and deep understanding of pushing the boundaries of excellence at the interface of finance and new technology.

JSBF faculty are thought leaders in areas that will define the world of banking and finance. The pathways we offer to students for specialization – finance and risk management, banking and financial law, and FinTech and Analytics- expose students to these areas, from financial technologies to behavioural finance, from new structured financial instruments to international banking laws, from financial risk management to predictive data analytics.

We recognize the need to balance pure academic research with needs of banking and finance institutions, entrepreneurs with interest in collaborating nationally and internationally, and balancing theory with practice for students at every level as they aspire to get a widely respected JGU degree.

As an emerging knowledge centre, Jindal Global University provides a dynamic setting in which to research, study and learn these exciting topics. In the near future, JSBF envisions a comprehensive range of undergraduate and postgraduate programmes which reflects our commitment to interdisciplinarity and collaboration. JSBF students and faculty will be able to leverage expertise and experience of internationally acclaimed faculty at other schools of JGU. They will take advantage of the strong culture of inter-disciplinary research and learning, a hallmark of Jindal Global University.

We invite you to become part of an ongoing legacy by pursuing study programmes at a leading provider of education in banking and finance in India. The journey starts here.