Prof. Anand Mishra

Prof. (Dr.) Anand Mishra

Professor & Vice Dean

B.Com. (Lucknow University); M.B.A (MICA);
Ph.D. (Louisiana State University)
Currently pursuing Certificate in Finance & Technology and Finacial Risk Management with Global Association of Risk Professionals

Prof. (Dr.)  Anand Mishra received his doctorate degree from the Louisiana State University (USA). Dr. Mishra was a recipient of the Gilbert Foundation Fellowship to advance his own doctoral research while contributing to the understanding of financial uncertainty and risk attending renewable electricity generation. Dr. Mishra’s research work is mainly in the area of renewable energy finance and industry practices.

Before joining academia, Dr. Mishra worked with banking and insurance industry for around 8 years. Dr. Mishra served in various managerial capacities at ABN Amro and Axa Insurance. As a financial services industry practitioner, Dr. Mishra worked in key capacities in operational as well as strategic domains, including retail and private banking, bank-assurance, export-credit, and treasury departments. During his industry stint, he was also engaged with market research projects for clients such as Orange S.A., Budweiser, McKinsey India, UBS, and AIG. Dr. Mishra maintains a keen interest in the start-up activities in India; currently, he is an advisor to two start-ups in Mumbai working in the domain of robotics and animatronics.

His research interests include Renewable Energy Finance, Corporate Finance, Financial Technology,and Business Models in Fintech space.

Peer-reviewed Paper

Vlosky, Richard & Shupe, Todd & Mishra, Anand. (2016). An Exploratory Analysis of the Market Perspective on Reclaiming Chromated Copper Arsenate (CCA) from Decommissioned Preservative-Treated Wood Utility Poles. Natural Resources. 07. 544-557. 10.4236/nr.2016.710046

Mishra and R.P. Vlosky. 2015. “A Case Study of Electricity Generation from Pine Needles in Uttarakhand, India”. In Jelacic, D. and R. Vlosky (Eds). ISBN 978-953-57822-4-7WoodEMA/Forest Products Society

  • Fintechnesss a strong identity
  • Louisiana Agriculture-“Turning Crops into Energy, January 2015.
  • LSU Research Matters- “Using Pine Needles for Off-grid Electricity Production in India, Spring 2015.
  • LSU Research Matters- “Sources of Competition for the Forest Sector in a Global Recession”, Fall 2013.
  • A Review of Biomass Feedstock & Gasification Technology – First author with Dr. Rich Vlosky from LSU RNR.
  • Policy and Regulatory Framework Governing Bioenergy in India – First author with Dr. Rich Vlosky from LSU RNR.
  • Part of the LSU RNR proposal preparation team for the grant: Sustainable Energy Pathways (National Science Foundation.)
  • ParPart of the LSU RNR proposal preparation team for the grant: Sustainable Energy Pathways (National Science Foundation. We received the grant for research in rural development focused biomass-based bioenergy business development. We received this grant and my Post-doc is funded by the research grant.
  • Part of the LSU RNR extension program proposal preparation team for the grant: Obama –Singh 21st Century Knowledge Initiative (OSI) (2013)
  • Prof. Anand has undertaken several projects with industry in areas including online analytics and strategy, mentoring start-ups with business and financial model.
  • These projects were undertaken with companies ranging from financial services, renewable energy start ups, hospital, FMCG,construction, telecom,automobile to political parties.
  • Anand Mishra (2018), Presentation Co-Author. “Wood-based Bioenergy Opportunities in Developing Countries”. University of Eldoret. Kenya
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  • Co-editor of The United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNCE) website for LSU chapter:
  • Part of organizing team for 21st National Bioenergy Day, a bioenergy conference LSU AgCenter (2016).
  • Part of a team organizing workshops for LSU extension program around the theme – Emerging Markets for Wood Energy Forest Sector Business at Hammond, Louisiana (2013-2015).
  • A report developed for Roy O. Martin Lumber Company, LLC: Opportunities for Exporting Red and White Oak to India (2014).
  • Presented “An Overview of the Louisiana Bioenergy Sector Louisiana Farm Bureau” at 91st Annual Meeting New Orleans, (2013).
  • Part of a three member team coordinating the chapter on policy for the UNECE/FAO Forest Products Annual Market Review, (2012).
  • Study materiel design for Indian School of Microfinance for Women (ISMW) at Ahmedabad focused on promoting financial education among rural women using multiple mediums and media like animation, videos and games (2008)
  • Corporate Finance 
  • Finacial Accounting
  • Business Models in Digital Economy :This course offered insights into the nature of business models. The course was focussed on the digital economy business models, their dynamics and positioning within an intensely competitive landscape. To understand the emergence of new business models, the course examined how digital platforms differ from the conventional business platforms in regard to their components such as – revenue streams, cost structure, customer segments, value proposition, key resources, and key partnerships. The course discussed cases from industries such as: entertainment, transportation, education, healthcare, food, travel, and retailing, where the new digital business models are fast replacing the old ones
  • Music, Movies, Comic Books, and Poetry