Accounting, Reporting and Governance

The significance financial reporting is increasing by very passing day. In every corner of the country, from Delhi to Dalal Street, from boardrooms to business schools, the past decade has produced a deluge of information that has inundated the media, trade publications, seminars, and training programmes with opinions of every shape, form, and point of view. Companies have realized that the annual report is not only a medium of letting the public know the financial results, but also to disseminate knowledge about itself. The Centre for Accounting, Reporting and Governance (CARG) aims to facilitate a constant and constructive dialogue among the stakeholders with the help of events and research publications on the contemporary issues on and around accounting, reporting and governance.



  • Act as a think tank providing advices and ideas to researchers, industry leaders and experts in the region, laying the foundation to build a world-class reputation of the center in the areas of financial reporting, accounting and governance.  
  • To promote a multidisciplinary research approach that tries to integrate a plethora of areas of business in general and financial reporting in particular.
  • Engaging current and future leaders from corporate and academia to gather and enhance collaboration through high quality research, programs of executive education and workshops as well as professional and student exchange. 


Areas of Specialization

The Center aims to explore and promote an industry-centric Center of excellence in the area of accounting, financial reporting and governance.

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