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Prof. (Dr.) Tapan K. Panda

Dr. Ashish Bharadwaj
Acting Dean, Jindal School of Banking and Finance (JSBF)

Welcome to the Jindal School of Banking & Finance!

Welcome to O.P. Jindal Global University (JGU) where you can enjoy climbing toward your peak ability, and working toward the summit of your ambition. Congratulations on choosing Jindal School of Banking & Finance (JSBF) at JGU as your preparation for a career in this exciting and highly influential field.

In addition to mastering the critical tools of analysis and conceptual foundations of your chosen field of study -with a B.Com (Hons.) degree awarded by one of India's rapidly emerging “world-class” universities - we stress the importance of synthesizing and integrating knowledge across functions and academic disciplines so that you can fully apply what you know in the practical “real world” of having a satisfying and rewarding job. In addition to sharpening your analytical tools and technological skills, we will support you in developing your individual “soft skills” in personal communication, teamwork, and global awareness. You will find these to be fundamental in successfully navigating your two summer internships in the finance industry during your undergraduate studies. Through our carefully selected top-ranked international university partnerships you will have the opportunity to study abroad if you wish. In today's world your 'Global Intelligence' and 'Emotional Intelligence’ are equally important as your 'Cognitive Intelligence' and your comfort with digital technology and quantitative finance.

Together, we are preparing you for positions of responsible global leadership. We represent a 21st century institute of continuous learning and improvement which is at the cutting edge of global financial education. You have the opportunity to explore alternative concepts and constructs in various contexts. Our professionally-qualified faculty members are advanced scholars and experienced practitioners in their chosen fields of banking, finance, insurance, taxation, accounting, economics, and statistics. Our expert and caring staff is here to help you succeed and grow – and also to have fun!  

Dr. Ashish Bharadwaj